Position Descriptions

The District Board of the Mighty Ohio District of Circle K International is responsible for carrying out the operations of the district level of Circle K International for the Ohio District. Some positions are elected and appointed available for members of CKI from clubs within the district each year.

Want to run for office at the District Convention? Be sure to read over the Candidate’s Packet, which includes the candidacy forms along with the rules & regulations for campaigning/elections.

Elected Board Positions

District Governor

The District Governor leads the district! The District Governor communicates with club officers, Kiwanis family district officers, and the Circle K International board. The District Governor also leads District Board meetings.

District Secretary-Treasurer

The District Secretary-Treasurer keeps track of service hours, interclub activities, and Kiwanis family relations for the district. The District Secretary-Treasurer also takes notes at board meetings, keeps track of budgeting, collecting, and disbursing the district’s money, and manages the annual dues process.

District Bulletin Editor

The Bulletin Editor shall be responsible for managing all district social media accounts, keeping the district website up to date, distributing the district newsletter, and managing district advertising for events and initiatives. They shall also perform any other duties assigned to them by the Governor.

Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governors are a liaison between clubs and the district. The Lieutenant Governor position involves visiting their division’s clubs and helping them become better clubs. The Lieutenant Governor position also involves helping to start new clubs. Check the Clubs page for information about what clubs are in each division.

Appointed Chair Positions

Fall Rally Chair

The Fall Rally Chair plans Fall Rally, including location, activities, and promotion.

District Convention (DCON) Chair

The District Convention Chair plans and executes the district convention, including choosing and booking a location, setting up workshops, planning the agenda, and choosing the speakers.

Spring Officers Training (SpOT) Chair

The Spring Officers Training Chair plans SpOT, including location and date, and promotes the event.

Laws, Regulations, and Awards Chair

The Laws, Regulations, and Awards Chair keeps the District Bylaws, Policy Codes, and Awards Packet up to date.

Kiwanis Family Relations Chair

The Kiwanis Family Relations Chair increases connections with other branches of the K Family throughout the Ohio District.

Service Chair

The Service Chair promotes international service partners and assists clubs with new project ideas.

Membership Development & Education

The Membership Development and Education Chair helps clubs reach their membership goals, retain members, and educate members on the K Family.

Club Building and Membership Engagement

This committee shall be responsible for aiding clubs in the charter process and helping any inactive clubs re-activate their charter. They shall also be responsible for providing fellowship opportunities to members of the District throughout the administrative year.

On To International Convention (OTIC) Chair

The On To International Convention Chair promotes CKIx to members by sending information to clubs, answering questions, and attending CKIx during the summer.